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100% Pure Jojoba Oil - Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Oil for Face, Hair and Body

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(4 fl. oz, 118 ml)

This versatile botanical oil does more than deeply moisturize skin.

Though it feels like oil, jojoba oil is really an extract from the seed of the jojoba tree - mainly found in Mexico, Arizona and California. It’s comprised of an ester that is similar in structure to skin’s natural oils, so it’s easily absorbed by skin, where it serves as a powerful yet lightweight moisturizer. Jojoba oil is so similar to your skins natural oil that it’s thought to “trick” skin into believing that it’s producing enough oil, thus slowing oil production — which makes it beneficial for all skin types, including combination and oily. 


Key Ingredients:

 Jojoba Oil: Absorbs quickly and helps lock in moisture to prevent and protect dry skin - without leaving an oily residue

See below for all of the amazing benefits our 100% Jojoba Oil provides..


Skin Care Uses of Jojoba Oil:

 Smooth a dime-sized amount onto clean skin to use as a moisturizer, or:

  • Rub it onto lips as a soothing lip balm
  • Add a drop or two to your usual moisturizer to enhance its hydration abilities
  • Add a few drops to your Nora Ross Garlic Extract Conditioner to soothe the scalp and boost shine
  • Work it through your beard before shaving to prevent razor burn
  • Massage it all over for full-body deep, penetrating moisturizing
  • Great for chapped lips, dry elbows and razor burns
  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • Reduces wrinkles, stretch marks and signs of aging
  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • Effective in treating acne
  • Keeps nails healthy and strong


Hair Care Uses:

  • Cleanses scalp
  • Adds shine to your hair
  • Helps hair growth
  • Conditions hair
  • Helps with dry or oily scalp
  • Helps maintain hair color



Jojoba Oil

If you haven't heard of or used Jojoba Oil before, you've been missing out. The benefits are incredible and we offer the BEST 100% pure, organic & natural Jojoba Oil. We refer to it as Liquid Gold.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love it!

Leaves hair smooth

Rosa Orduno
Jojoba oil

Love it!

annie b
so many uses

i have been adding a few drops to my makeup remover and facial cleansers. really like that this is just pure jojoba oil with nothing else.

how did i not try this sooner?!

I use this for everything.. I notice its best for removing makeup. I read online that you should add a couple of drops to any facial products you're using so Im trying that out. This stuff is incredible 🥰

Ada R.

It is real good