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A Little About Nora Ross

For over 30 years, our family business has dedicated itself to the formulation of effective, high-performing hair care and supplements that bring together the best of science and nature. Through extensive research, we discovered that garlic has proven benefits both internally and externally, and eventually debuted our bestselling Garlic Shampoo in 1988.

Since then, we’ve developed a range of products that work synergistically to create healthier, fuller hair. Our proprietary blend of state-of-the-art ingredients allow the hair follicles to reach activation potential, meaning they minimize the rest and loss phases of follicle’s cycle in order to maximize hair growth.

Our formulas also target the scalp as well to keep it both moisturized and free of damaging build-up, which can interfere with the natural growth process of the hair follicles. As healthy hair starts at the root, addressing the scalp is key to maintaining thick, shiny hair. We’ve ensured that our products work for all hair types, from fine strands to thick, frizzy curls, and are gentle enough for daily use. Likewise, the scalp benefits aid all scalp types, even those prone to sensitivity.

In keeping with our mission to pair the best of science and nature, we also offer herbal supplements developed to target our customers’ greatest needs, such as stress management and healthy joints. The formulations blend traditional Chinese remedies with proven ingredients, and work synergistically in order to provide our customers with the best possible result.

We take pride in the high quality and efficacy of our formulas, and hope you enjoy the good hair days for years to come.


Nora Ross



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