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Anti Stress® - Premium Herbal Formula Supporting Calm Mood with Thorowax, Mimosa Bark & Rehmannia + More

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Anti-Stress Supplements (60 capsules)


Our Anti Stress supplements are ideal for those seeking an all-natural blend that doesn't cause unwanted side effects. Using this supplement on a consistent and daily basis will help manage and reduce the symptoms of stress as well as the side effects.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a healthy and meaningful life requires a balance between your mind and body. Your system needs to be refreshed with renewed energy from 100% natural nutrients and healthy blood to help your body defend against stress. This blend is based on these principles and contains only the best, time-tested all-natural ingredients that have been used in TCM formulas for generations.

Our Anti-Stress formula will not only help you manage and reduce the symptoms of stress but also help defend and protect against the side effects as well.



  • Contains natural adaptogens that help the body adapt to physical, and environmental stress*
  • Supports restful sleep and relaxation
  • Helps support energy reserves
  • Combats irritability and restores emotional balance
  • Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Fights against anxiety and centers the mind
  • Ethically sourced and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Non-GMO and no harmful preservatives
  • No fillers
  • 100% cruelty-free & never tested on animals
  • Manufactured at an FDA-registered facility
  • Lactose and dairy free
  • No artificial ingredients

*Adaptogens increase the state of non-specific resistance in stress and decrease sensitivity to stressors, which results in stress protection, and prolong the phase of resistance (stimulatory effect). Instead of exhaustion, a higher level of equilibrium (the homeostasis) is attained the heterostasis.

Credit: Alexander Panossian and Georg Wikman



  • Wild Jujube Seeds and Ginseng act as a natural alleviator of stress and nerves
  • White Peony Root helps alleviate the pain associated with physical and emotional stress
  • Thorowax and Chinese Yam combat irritability and restore emotional balance while delivering essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your system
  • Mimosa Bark is known as the collective happiness bark and is used to fight against anxiety, insomnia, and bad dreams. It is an incredible and effective mood elevator
  • Thorowax Root is most effective when used in combination with ginger and white peony root - working wonders to alleviate stress, irritability, and depression



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Shan Yao (Chinese Yam), American Ginseng Root, Fleece Flower Root, Rehmannia Root, White Peony Root, Albizzia Bark (Mimosa Tree Bark), Chinese Rose Flower, Ligustrum Seed, Thorowax Root, Bitter Orange Fruit, Licorice Root


We recommend taking two capsules daily - one in the morning and one in the afternoon, preferably with meals. This supplement will not cause any drowsiness or side effects. 


    • Ethically sourced ingredients that are sustainably grown
    • Non-GMO
    • Easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules
    • Manufactured at an FDA-registered facility
    • No gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, corn, wheat, and peanuts.
    • No artificial ingredients
    • 100% cruelty-free never tested on animals
    • Formulated and bottled in the U.S.
    Legal Disclaimer:

    Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor before using any product. Keep out of reach of children.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    The Nora Ross 'Anti-be more mellow when I drive. Driving in California highways and streets is very stressful to me, and taking the Nora Ross pills helps to keep me calmer while driving. Crazy drivers don't stress me out as when I am not taking the pill. It might seem minimal, but this helps me out a lot in having a good day.

    Toby Saleh
    Not sure

    I’m not sure I’m feeling anything from these supplements.

    Decided to try

    I have been using this supplement along with my favorite (resveratrol) for a few months now. I have been feeling pretty good but can't determine if this is the reason why. I will use it until it runs out and see how I feel

    Blanca Guardado

    This product is amazing! I first purchase it at the salon and paid $44 just for the styling aid...I love the VALUE - Can't live without it and telling all my friends!

    joseph gomez
    Four Stars

    Great shampoo really helps with dandruff!