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Biota Leaf


The biota is an evergreen coniferous tree or shrub that is native to China, Japan, North Korea, and a few isolated populations in Northeastern Iran. The leaves of the biota tree are small, scaly and triangular-shaped, with a grayish-green color

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), biota leaves and branches affect the lung, liver and large intestine meridians. Traditionally used to help stop bleeding disorders including vomiting blood, to coughing up blood, to blood in the stools and urine.

Biota is also known as Ce Bai Ye in Chinese. It is also referred to as Oriental arborvitae, Chinese arborvitae, biota or Oriental thuja.

Key Benefits

• Used internally in the treatment of coughs, haemorrhages, excessive menstruation, bronchitis, asthma, skin infections, mumps, bacterial dysentery, and arthritic pain

• Has been traditionally used to treat patients who suffer from baldness and hair loss in East Asia

• Has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which help irritation on the scalp as well as bacterial infections

• Known as an immune-system booster

• Typically used for pain; including headache, muscle, and joint pain