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Chamomile is a flowering plant in the daisy family and has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety and soothe unsettled stomachs.

While its most common use is as an ingredient in herbal tea, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), believes it is used to move the qi and treat stagnated or stuck energy. Some of its uses range from emotional upsets, anxiety, headache, nightmares, depression, irregular menses with clotting, PMS, stomach ulcers, poor appetite and menstrual cramps.


• Promotes hair strength and prevents split ends

• Restores hair vibrancy and shine by conditioning your hair

• The vitamins and essential nutrients present in chamomile help restore your hair and scalp - keeping your hair hydrated and well-nourished

• Has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which help kill germs and bacteria helping to prevent any scalp infections

• Naturally boosts collagen production helping to restore damaged hair follicles and increases hair elasticity