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Chinese Knotweed


Chinese Knotweed is a perennial plant native to China, Taiwan, Japan, and North and South Korea. It's also known as Hu Zhang in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is typically prescribed in combination with other TCM herbs to treat conditions including coughs and liver issues.

TCM practitioners prescribe the roots of knotweed because it is a concentrated source of therapeutic plant compounds like polydatin, emodin, physcion, and resveratrol, which may offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Key Benefits

• Has been shown to help in inhibiting pro-inflammatory pathways and controlling diseases associated to inflammation due to its bioactive constituents

• Contains compounds such as xylose, rhamnose and glucose as well as anthraquinone glycosides which boost the response of the immune system and the general functioning of the immune system

• Libido booster - stimulates and harmonizes adrenal gland functioning while promoting endocrine balance at the same time

• Has the ability to enhance blood circulation is said to play an important role in rejuvenating hair growth and reverse gray hair by restoring its rich color and thickness

• Shown to be the most effective treatment of insomnia without incurring the undesired effects associated with pharmaceutical products due to its sedative effects

• Knotweed root extract is highly effective in helping the liver to clean up blood by preventing accumulation of liver fat