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Chinese Rose Flower


The rose is a perennial shrub found worldwide; over 100 species of rose are known to exist. Most rose species are native to Asia, although some are native to North America, Europe and northwest Africa. Although in modern times, roses are admired for their beautiful, fragrant flowers, they have a variety of medicinal and culinary uses as well.

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), rose has sweet, slightly bitter and warm properties, and is associated with the liver and spleen meridians. Its functions are to regulate qi and reduce stagnation, remove blood stagnation, nourish the skin, and improve digestion. Among the conditions rose treats are distended stomach, epigastric pain, pain caused by external injuries, and irregular menstruation.

Chinese Rose Flower is known as Mei Gui Hua in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Key Benefits

• Helps the control and decrease depression, irritability or mood swings

• Has a cleansing action promoting elimination of toxins in the body via urination or bowel movements.

• Helps balance our emotions

• Assists with digestion, blood coagulation and fluids metabolism in the body

• Gently moves stagnant blood to help menstrual issues like irregular cycles, PMS, breast tenderness, and menstrual pain