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Codonopsis Root


Codonopsis is a climbing perennial and member of the Campanulaceae family. It reaches an average length of five feet and has oval leaves with distinct bell shaped greenish purple flowers. It is native to Asia and Northeastern China and has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a gentle way to promote digestion, strengthen immunity, and to relieve symptoms of stress, illness, and fatigue. It is also a balancing herb that nourishes and tones the body without being too extreme. It is also used to replenish vital energy, or qi.

Codonopsis root is also known as Dang Shen, Poor Man's Ginseng, and Bonnet Bellflower. Like ginseng, codonopsis is an adaptogen. Adaptogens support the body's ability to deal with stress—whether that stress is from anxiety, fatigue, trauma, infection, etc

Key Benefits

• Codonopsis contains chemicals that seem to slow down the growth of cancer cells

• Can increase endurance, as well as increase red and white blood cells counts and promote blood circulation

• Antioxidant, anticancer, antidiabetic, adaptogenic, antiviral, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective

• Used to relieve symptoms of stress, illness, and fatigue

• Has the ability to tonify the stomach to improve digestive function