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Eucommia Bark


Eucommia, also known as Du Zhong in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is an herb that comes from the Chinese rubber tree and has been used in TCM for generations to support the endocrine system, improve kidney health, strengthen bones and muscles. It is also used to treat sore lower back and knees, chronic fatigue and weakness in the bones and joints. Recent studies indicate that Eucommia is good for collagen synthesis which helps in rebuilding and regenerating musco skeletal/connective tissues.


• Rich source of antioxidants, lignans, and isoflavonoids—naturally occurring chemicals with hormone-like effects

• Eucommia may help fight high blood pressure (hypertension)

• Preliminary studies show that eucommia may offer relief of osteoarthritis

• May help in preventing bone loss, inducing fat loss, and reducing elevated blood pressure and triglycerides

• Improves the strength of our skeleton and connective tissues