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Five Leaf Ginseng


Five Leaf Ginseng, also known as southern ginseng or Gynostemma, is a type of vine that is native to southern China and other parts of Asia. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years to treat various ailments. The plant produces leaves that are used to make an anti-inflammatory tea and other herbal concoctions. It’s rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals and aids weight loss, reduces glucose and cholesterol levels, and helps treat respiratory conditions.

Five Leaf Ginseng is also known as Jiaogulan, Southern Ginseng, and Gynostemma.

Key Benefits

• Considered a naturally rejuvenating herb that acts as an adaptogen. This means that it helps the body cope with stress and maintain homeostasis or balance.

• Although it is caffeine-free, it has the ability to increase energy due to supply of antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds. helps turn up fat-burning and energy-releasing metabolic processes

• Benefits heart health by helping reduce inflammation as well as the negative effects of stress, such as changes in blood pressure

• Has been used in natural systems of medicine to help reduce coughing, colds, asthma and symptoms caused by other respiratory issues, such as infections like chronic bronchitis

• Supports detoxification, healthy liver function and protection against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

• There’s some evidence indicating that gynostemma’s antioxidants, including polysaccharides, can help inhibit cancer cell migration and invasion.