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The Chinese Foxglove, or Rehmannia, is a perennial herb found in northern China and its roots have been used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for generations. It is known to clear heat and cool the blood and is used as a remedy for many ailments such as blurred vision, constipation, restlessness, stiff joints, low back pain, menstrual irregularity, light-headedness, insomnia, and combat the effects of aging. Chinese foxglove root is considered to be anti-inflammatory and has been used in cases of joint pain, swelling, and to help with increased joint movement.

The root of Rehmannia is counted as one of the 50 most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a history of use stretching back at least 2,000 years


• Rehmannia contains many bioactive compounds with strong antioxidant activity, protecting the body against the oxidative damage that is indicated in many heart complaints

• Often used as an effective tonic for the liver, kidney and heart to treat many ailments, such as diabetes, constipation, anemia, dizziness and regulation of the menstrual cycle

• Contains astringent compounds that support the body against the formation of ulcers, and generally reduces inflammation in the digestive tract.

• Helps to improve blood circulation, high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol problems

• Over 70 active compounds have been found in Rehmannia, including amino acids, simple and complexsugars, vitamins, and plant-specific compounds