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Keratin is a protein that your body produces naturally, and it helps keep your hair, skin and nails healthy and strong. Your body produces keratin naturally, but keratin shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin hydrolysates may strengthen your hair and improve its appearance.

Keratin cannot be dissolved in water, solvents, acids, or alkalines, so its structure remains largely intact when exposed to many of the body's chemicals. Keratin is a protein that naturally occurs in hair and is an important component of hair health and repair.

Key Facts & Benefits

• People who use keratin on their hair report that their hair is smoother and easier to manage as a result

• The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, theoretically absorb the keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy

• Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style, and straighter in appearance

• Keratin infused shampoos and treatments make hair more damage-resistant and repair hair that has been dried out by heat and hair dye

• Can also be found in your internal organs and glands

• Providing your hair with the adequate supply of keratin can rejuvenate your hair to its original youthful state, supplying the nutrition for its nourishment