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Ledebouriella root, sometimes known as siler root, is a cone shaped plant. The root of siler is cut into small pieces and dried to use in herbal formulas and preparations. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is considered to have pungent, sweet-warm properties, and works on the spleen and liver meridians. It is used to relieve body aches, headaches, and chills. Fang Feng is known to expel ‘wind-cold’ disorders and in literal English translation means “Guard against wind”.

Also known as Siler Root, or as the Chinese translation would call Fang Feng. According to the TCM theory, Ledebouriella enhances the ability of our bodies "to fight against airborne pathogens”.


• Has antipyretic, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antiviral effects

• Helps heal painful diarrhea

• Used to treat sore throat, chills, headaches and fevers associated with colds

• Useful in treating symptoms of arthritis as well as sore, swollen joints

• Used to treat cold-related headaches and body aches, diarrhea, chills and tremors

• Praised for its positive impact on the liver and the spleen