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Angelica Root


Like fennel, Angelica Root is a member of the celery family. It is a small, perennial herb found in Japan and the western regions of China. Angelica Root typically grows in ravines, river banks and coastal areas.

The root of Dong Quai is considered one of the most honored and respected herbs in China. Experts believe it has been used in Asia for a minimum of 2,000 years to treat everything from circulatory problems to liver and respiratory conditions.

Other names for Angelica Root are Dong Quai, Tang Keui or Chinese angelica.


• Traditionally believed to have a balancing effect on the female hormonal system

• Slows down acute reactions and detoxify the body

• Recent studies show that Angelica Root dilates blood vessels, which can reduce blood pressure

• Has been shown to improve oxygen utilization in the liver and increase the metabolism of glutamic acid and cysteine

• Limited studies have shown that Angelica Root promotes the formation of red blood cells, especially in patients with kidney problems