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Rosemary Extract


Rosemary is a popular evergreen shrub that is native to the Mediterranean and used in cooking all over the world but its medicinal uses have been praised for centuries. Rosemary contains nutrients and organic compounds that improve not only our internal health but also external beauty as well. This is one of the reasons why we're seeing so many cosmetic companies incorporating extracts from this herb in their products, particularly hair care.


• Rosemary oil penetrates and seals the hair shaft allowing for more moisture retention

• The high vitamin a content in rosemary aids in the production of sebum, replenishing it with enough moisture to keep the pH of the scalp balanced

• Rosemary is high in manganese which is an essential nutrient for metabolic health

• High in vitamin c, rosemary acts as an antioxidant which helps protect your hair against damage caused by free radicals

• Rosemary can aid hair growth due to its ability to keep the nerves healthy. It contains carnosic acid, which is known to have a healing effect in the case of nerve damage