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Szechuan Lovage Root


Szechuan Lovage root is native to China and Korea and is one of the most popular medicinal herbs. Cultivated for centuries, this flowering plant belongs to the carrot family. It is used to reduce blood clotting and dilate blood vessels to increase flow to the brain and heart. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed to reduce wind-cold pain and circulate Qi, relieving headaches.


• Used to treat cardiovascular ailments, menstrual issues, cysts, and clots

• Contains several compounds, some of which are phthalides and coumarins. Also contains polyphenols

• Fights the risk of kidney stones by encouraging urination without electrolyte loss

• Traditional medicine uses lovage to loosen phlegm in the lungs, which in turn improves airflow, breathing, and oxygen intake

• Great remedy to soothe the digestive tract, reduce bloating, and relieve gas