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Resveratrol Plus® Supplements - Potent Antioxidants & Cinnamon Bark, Promotes Anti-Aging, Cardiovascular Support, Maximum Benefits

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Resveratrol Plus (60 Capsules)

Harvard University released a clinical study that concludes how resveratrol may slow the aging process and extend the human life span. Our resveratrol supplement contains omega fatty acids — the same medically recommended fats found in fish oil, olive oil, and flaxseed. 

Resveratrol contains a generous amount of fiber which promotes a healthy digestive system and helps cleanse your system of fatty foods. More importantly, resveratrol has been reported to have a wide range of biological and pharmacological properties. If you use resveratrol, the possibilities of its benefits could be shown in many aspects.

Nora Ross Resveratrol is the most powerful combination available on the market today. Our original formula is unique and uses only the highest-quality resveratrol compound. Resveratrol is clinically proven to combat cancer, lower cholesterol, lessen diabetes, lower weight, and provide many other additional benefits.


Why does it contain Cinnamon Extract?

Resveratrol is found in grapes, wine, grape juice, peanuts, cocoa, and berries of Vaccinium species, including blueberries, bilberries, and cranberries. In grapes, resveratrol is found only in the skins. Scientific studies performed for more than two years have demonstrated that Resveratrol and Cinnamon Extract together form an optimal supplement, due to their curative and preventive properties. Our product contains the highest concentration that exists in the market for protecting human health.



  • Immune Support, heart health support, digestive health support, stress relief
  • Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin of red grape seeds, juices, dates, berries, and red wine, with antioxidant properties that help to safeguard the heart and circulatory system, lowering cholesterol, and keeps you safe against clots which can cause heart attacks.
  • Helps to stop free radical damage and supports joint, healthy aging, heart, and vascular health
  • No unnecessary fillers, binders, or potentially harmful preservatives or GMOs
  • Immune system enhancer that can help increase your energy and endurance
  • Ethically sourced and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Non-GMO, no harmful preservatives & no artificial ingredients
  • 100% cruelty-free & never tested on animals
  • Manufactured at an FDA-registered facility
  • Lactose and dairy free


INGREDIENTS: Resveratrol extracted from red grapes, and Resveratrol extracted from Japanese Knotweed (Hu-Zhang) (350 mg.). Japanese Knotweed has demonstrated that it has the highest concentration of Resveratrol. Cinnamon Extract (150 mg.). This powerful combination designed by doctors and studied for more than two years produces the miraculous effects described above.


HOW TO TAKE: 1 to 2 capsules daily in the morning with a glass of water. Does not cause adverse reactions and is for men and women. Does not contain alcohol or solvents.

 The benefits of Resveratrol are innumerable. Other products are on the market, but thanks to our medical team and the studies performed at Harvard University in Massachusetts, we offer the most powerful product, because we, along with our customers, not only demand quality but results as well. Today it is possible to feel younger, healthier, and happier at 40, 50, or 60 years of age, than when you were 30.



  • Ethically sourced ingredients that are sustainably grown
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules
  • Manufactured at an FDA-registered facility
  • No gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, corn, wheat, and peanuts.
  • No artificial ingredients
  • 100% cruelty-free never tested on animals
  • Formulated and bottled in the U.S.
Legal Disclaimer:

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor before using any product. Keep out of reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Obdulia Quiroz
Great results

We started taking the ultra circulation with resveratrol and we have very good results, we feel energetic and healthy.

Lucia Lagunas
Cleared my face

I had pimples and a lot of cloth since I had 5 children, and with the resveratrol my face was cleaned

Martha Gonzalez

When I went to the doctor they told me that I had high sugar so I started taking the resveratrol. The doctor was surprised when my sugar levels came back normal. I told my doctor what I was taking and she actually started taking it and recommending it. It gave me more energy too. I am going to start taking the circulation.

Evelia Martinez
I feel great

This helped give me energy and I feel a lot stronger. I sleep very well and its easier to lose weight.

Ana Quintanilla
Couldn't bend my knees..

For many years I have been taking this package. Before taking it, it would hurt whenever I bent over or just bent my knees. If I was sitting for a while I couldn’t get up without pain. After about a month of taking this package all of that disappeared. I work late and I still don’t have any pain. I am 61 years old.