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How to Take Care of Your Winter Hair!

How to Take Care of Your Winter Hair!

With summertime heat upon us, we are all looking forward to spending some time in the water, to cool down. Certainly, swimming or lounging in the water on beautiful summer days is one of the best ways of enjoying life and getting rid of the stress of the daily grind.

However, sun, salt, and chlorine can strip protective oils from hair, leaving it discolored, frizzy, split, and damaged. Of course, it makes sense to rinse your hair as soon as possible to remove the chemicals, but that isn’t enough. It helps to wet your hair with fresh water before swimming, reducing the amount of chlorine or salt water your hair intakes. Like a sponge, hair wet with fresh water will absorb less water while swimming, reducing the pool’s or ocean’s impact. Applying an oil-enriched conditioner prior, such as our Nora Ross Conditioner for all hair types, goes a long way in protecting your hair as well. Chlorine can be harsh to your hair and scalp, so minimizing its impact is critical.

Salt water is much kinder, but it also wicks away the moisture, causing hair to become fragile. Still, occasional saltwater treatments can be beneficial in stripping out shampoo buildup and getting rid of heavy oils. Additionally, you can apply our Spray-On Super Shine Hair Serum after a day at the beach or pool to help smoothen your hair, making it easier to comb and style, minimizing the look of split ends and giving it a healthy, luminous sheen. So, don’t be too concerned about planning your beach day!

After your swim, shampoo and rinse your hair to flush out the chemicals and remoisturize. Brush gently, as your hair will still be fragile and prone to breakage until the moisturizer is absorbed and the hair is dry. Make sure you bring your favorite hat to the beach, keeping your hair (and skin) safe from damaging UV exposure!

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Have fun!