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Glowing Skin in 5 Minutes

Glowing Skin in 5 Minutes

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While every skincare routine has benefits, the main problem is that they take time away from our busy schedules, and there are times when the luxury of time is not available. After starting a skincare routine, we all vow to adhere to it, but eventually with time both our pledge and our motivation fade like sands seeping from our hands, and due to our lack of care, our skin begins to look dull and lifeless. When we are faced with situations like these, we need easy tricks to get that instant glow and a smooth complexion. Check out some of the simple and beneficial tricks that can give you glowing and healthy skin within minutes.

Steam Your Skin

A great way to start any skincare routine or give your skin a pick me up is with steaming your face. Place a hot towel on your face for five minutes, not too hot that you can’t stand it on your skin but hot enough that you will feel the benefits from it. Then right after splash some cold water on your face. The steam is going to help open and clean out clogged pores and following up with cold water will help seal things back up.


Tomato and Honey

You can easily make a paste at home with everyday ingredients. Tomates are full of wonderful antioxidants and they are naturally acidic so they make a great exfoliator. Adding a dollop of honey to the smashed tomate will act as a moisturizer to make sure you don’t dry out your skin. Message the paste into your face and rinse with cool water to finish. This could help lighting up dark spots overtime and brighten the skin.


Honey and Jojoba Oil

We all know the magic of Jojoba oil and what an amazing moisturizer it is. If you mix it with the antimicrobial benefits of honey, you have a power house for dull dry skin. Mix a teaspoon or two of honey with a few drops of Jojoba oil and massage it into your skin for 5 minutes and then rinse your face with cool water. This will make your skin supple and feel renewed with a natural shine.


These are just a couple of quick and easy tips to help you feel fresh and new on a busy day.

What are some other things you do to help brighten your skin with a busy schedule?

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